What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Treatment?

Hair removal, which is a grave problem faced mainly by women has been answered by science. The method of laser hair removal treatment brought about an evolution in the hair removal industry making every woman want to throw away their razors, wax and tweezers. It is not a simple task to get this treatment and permanently say goodbye to those annoying hairs that appear on places you don’t want them to. However, even such beneficial methods too contain certain disadvantages which need to be focused on.


The process of laser treatment or IPL (Intense Pulse Lightning) use high levels of heat to burn the hair. This heat tends to create burns on some of the clients resulting in dark patches on their faces, legs or wherever the treatment was done to. Mostly dark skinned individuals are exposed to this situation since the laser is better absorbed by those who have darker skin. However, these burns are only mild ones which are almost harmful; but there have been a few cases of major burns on people who took such treatments.

Darkening of skin

Permanent hair removal in Hong Kong has proven to be so effective and long lasting that many people receive the treatments despite the high cost which needs to be incurred for just one visit. The money is usually charged per shots they give from the laser gun, depending on your situation. The number will vary from one person to another. This creates hyper pigmentation on the skin. This believed to be the reason behind the skin becoming dark. Since the laser has the ability to stimulate melanin, it gives an effect which is much similar to a suntan that you gain on a bright summer day at the beach.


Using laser for ssc hair removal http://datsumo-labo.com.hk/en/sscdatsumo.html has become quite common at present. The sensitive skin which is attacked by the laser can lead to bruising. When the laser is directed to attack the hair roots or follicles, the burning effect might not be borne successfully by each and every person who faces the treatment. Therefore, there will be some who are left with bruises in places where their skins are the most sensitive.


Although it isn’t a common situation to be exposed to an infection, there have been instances in which people have faced such problems. Therefore, it is the duty of the individual who performed the treatment to keep the treated area clean after a session. Even though such side effects may arise, it is not impossible to avoid them if you have sufficient knowledge on how to face them at such treatments.